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Online Gambling for Vietnam?

With Vietnam experiencing a rapid growth in their economic structure, it is no wonder that people would start to turn to them to be the next frontier for online gambling. The country is considering allowing gambling, and casinos to be legalized in their country, and that they would be able to draw tax revenues from those venues.

The country’s Ministries of Finance, Investment and Planning are allegedly drafting legal documentation that would put the order into effect and legalize gambling. They are supposedly taking care of ensuring the safety of their residents as they want protection for gamblers and regulations put in place against criminal activity.

The proposal will also allow gambling providers to open their doors in the country. This will be a major change for the country because only a lottery has been allowed to prosper in their borders, and that all other types of gambling have been illegal. In 2003 they started allowing gambling to foreign passport holders, but that was all.

With the way that gambling has been spreading across the Asian countries, many wonder if the proposals will contain any information on online gambling in Ireland as well. They hope that they choose to include online gambling as it could be regulated as well, and it will only add to the additional tax income that the country could profit from.

They say that they already have illegal gambling dens in the country and it is only a matter of time before the population starts participating in online gambling in Ireland as well. They hope that Vietnam chooses to embrace online gambling instead of shunning it, for it could be a poor financial decision.

With their intent to pay out dividends to their shareholders, AsianLogic has announced that they are looking to become the first major online gambling company to list on Aim since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed last year. With other online gambling companies running from the US, it is remarkable that they are running into the fray instead of out of it.

The company is based in Hong-Kong and will be floating at 111.62p with their market capitalization at 123m. They have already raised millions to fund their expansion and although some say that they may be getting a bit too ambitious, they say that they are simply following a dream.

The company generates three quarters of their total revenue from online casino games, but has other interests as well. The online gambling company also has sports betting shops in the Philippines. With Asian betting growing as much as it has as of late, they know that the best thing they can to is capitalize on the market.

In Malaysia and Singapore, online gambling laws are very liberal, and gambling is wide spread. There does not seem to be the concern of online gambling addiction, and thus it is very popular among their residents. The company is fortunate that they are one of the biggest online gaming groups in Asia and are able to capitalize on that growth.

However, the company has to be very careful about how they handle the semantics of their investments. As aiding and abetting online gambling is considered a serious criminal offence in Hong Kong, the company does not take any bets from there. However, depending on how the law is interpreted, the company could be in jeopardy of breaking that law themselves.