How to activate a casino

Thank you for using Roulette Bot Plus. Here are you final steps to success. Simply activate a casino from the list.

This is the final step on the way to winning big money. On the left bottom corner of the window you will find a Live Support link. You can chat with us and get technical support and tips about the use of Roulette Bot Plus. The next step is to activate one of the casinos from the list. In this example, I will activate William Hill Casino simply by clicking Activate Now.

Bear in mind that all of the other casinos from the list are just as useful and profitable with Roulette Bot Plus. Install the casino by clicking Next. All the listed casinos are reputable and licensed, and free of any viruses and spyware. The installation is complete, and now the casino will load. You can choose between registering a fun play or a real money account completely free of charge.

Fill in the short registration form and you will receive your log-in credentials right away. You have now completed the one time registration process. Congratulations! We’re in the casino’s main lobby. All that is left for us to do is to go to the Roulette Bot Plus window, click on the Play Now button, and the mode selection window will appear. Here you can customize your game.

You can select to play with euros, British pounds or US dollars. And you can choose any of your bets at any time, or simply click on the default mode. By clicking on the Start Game button, the Roulette Bot Plus main panel will appear. On the casino main lobby window, I’ll go to the games menu tab. Under it you will find the table games.

Choose the Oncasinogames game, and the roulette game window will open. As you can see, my current balance is 9985 euros. This is a real money account. In the cashier, you can make a deposit and withdraw at any time. And all that is left for us to do is to press Play and everything else will happen completely automatically by the Roulette Bot Plus engine.

Now the application will automatically analyze all the outcomes of the game, and take advantage of all statistical infrequent events. This is how you will start winning systematically. If you have any questions or if you’re not sure about one of the features, you can always visit our FAQs or contact our live support at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Get into the action today! Good luck!